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Great sounding, fun, professional arrangements for...

IMPORTANT: My cart is no longer working, and sadly I don't have the time to rework the website for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to buy an arrangement, simply send me an email using the
contact page.

You can then make a donation for the amount of the songs using the above donate button. I will then email you the pdf files.

Very sorry about this work around - it is the best I can do at the moment!

Hi. My name is Dave Montreuil. This is my website to distribute and sell my arrangements and compositions. I have specialized in Brass and Big Band writing, but more arrangements for a variety of ensembles are coming.

As a former professional copyist, I pride myself on very professional looking and sounding arrangements, complete with measure numbers and rehearsal letters. You can view a sample page and hear a recording of each piece. See for yourself!

Some arrangements are free, most have a small cost to them. Just select the songs you wish to buy by hitting the add to cart button. Checkout when ready and complete the payment process at Paypal. You will receive a download link immediately, and an email will sent be sent to you for confirmation with another link to download the pdf files. Click on the link, enter the password, and you will be free to print out the music. Easy! If you have any problems, send me a note using my contact page.

More than anything else, I want my work to be played. I am a member of SUISA, the Swiss musical society, and all my pieces are registered through them.

The use of these arrangements and compositions does not include reselling or distributing them in any form. If you know someone who could use these arrangements, kindly direct them back to here - www.davethearranger.com.

The password to open any of my PDF files is... www.davethearranger.com